Adventures in War Zones and Disaster Areas for Journalists and Relief Workers


rickgrantStarting with the Great Famine of Ethiopia I have traveled from War Zone to Disaster Area as a journalist and then as a consultant specializing in communications with local peoples, journalists, relief organizations, and governments.

About the only war I seem to have missed since the late eighties has been the hell that was Rwanda and I am heartily glad of it.

I also have a strong background in North American and Arctic Circumpolar Aboriginal issues.

The combined ability to deal with the complex and subtle world of native issues and the ability to work under the stress of out and out combat has made me successful as a communications consultant for large energy corporations in North America.

This website however is for strange tales about the Four Horsemen. It is also a bit of a travel guide for how to get in and about disaster areas. In short, how to be a Disaster Tourist.